Incorporated in 1999, Honor Rise is a premier Value-Added solutions and one stop supply service provider for Electronic Components in Asia-Pacific,

We strive to be the best supply solutions provider in Asia-Pacific through our commitment to customer satisfaction, continuously adapting ourselves to the opportunities and dynamic of business, by remaining a consistent and reliable provider of leading edge technology solutions to customers, backed by high level of applications and other support services. Honor Rise brings a valuable partnership to our principals through in-depth knowledge of the relevant markets and demand creation through design focus, and nurturing a creative, challenging, and empowered professional environment for our team members.

Providing a wide range of products from electro-mechanical parts, connectors, passive and active components, we aim to be a comprehensive supply partner for all our customers.

Seeking service-oriented and talented personnel, we believe in investing in EQ people so that customers will enjoy utmost customer satisfaction.

Today, we serve as a supply channel partner for leading manufacturers and numerous customers ranging from OEMS, ODMS, and EMS in diverse industries such as computing, consumer, telecommunications, networking, industrial equipments, medical and many others.

Customised Components Management

Our CCM program aims to provide the utmost service in supply chain management.

Depending on INDIVIDUAL requirements, Honorrise Components works hand in hand to design a DEDICATED CCM program to meet our customer's NEEDS.

Our CCM program formulates on a strong foundation of a long-term partnership where the end results are smaller and easier vendor management, reliable service and cooperation in producing an effective & efficient inventory management.

We believe every customer is different thus we focus on customisation, constantly review and refine each possible
opportunity until your CCM program is perfect.

Technical distribution Supports
Technical/Application Knowledge
Enhanced Application Support through Experienced and Trained FAE's
Strong Demand Creation Culture with Design-in Tracking System



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